Sentence puzzle German is a training app for correct sentence structures in German. Randomly selected word lists have to be arranged into sentences that are both syntactically correct and make sense.

The presented word lists are divided into 5 levels of difficulty: Basics, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional. Besides this five-level order, a simplified three-level order is available: Group Easy – Group medium – Group professional .

Three game modes can be selected in the menu:

Page „Simple Puzzle“

On this page randomly selected word lists are displayed, the individual words are transported to the target field by tap (with finger tap or click with mouse) and should result in a grammatically correct and meaningful sentence.

Page „Listening and Writing“

On this page, a randomly selected sentence is read aloud and must then be written down as accurately as possible in the input field. Whether the input is correct is determined by a comparison with the original sentence.

Page „Idioms“

On this page randomly selected word lists are displayed, which contain so-called idioms or multi-word expressions. The functionality is analogous to the ‚Simple Puzzle‘ page, but if the phrase is correctly composed, an English translation is additionally displayed and an explanation of the German idiom and its English equivalent.

This page is in the preview phase, about 50 German/English idioms are offered in different levels of difficulty. It is planned to extend this functionality and to offer it for a fee in a later phase.

Page „Settings“

  • The font size of words and sentences can be adjusted in 4 levels (large, medium, small, micro).
  • Set level for Simple Puzzle game mode
  • Set level for Listening and Writing mode.
  • Set level for Idiom/Multiword Expressions mode.
  • Reset Score and Level: This will reset the current score and the total number of correct and incorrect answers to zero. The difficulty (level) is reset to basics.
  • Data: local file <> webservice: By default, the data from the sentence puzzle database is obtained via an internet connection. If no internet connection is available, about 200 sentences can be obtained from a local file stored in the app.
  • Fix Source/Target Height: By default, the source and target containers for the word lists are adjusted to the current sentence length to prevent the containers from resizing during the application. If this makes the space too small on small screens, the container size can be minimized.
  • Text prediction: disables automatic word completion when entering text in Listen and Write mode (Android).
  • Translation: inactive, intended for later.
  • Fixed level: inactive, intended for later.

If the default language of the smartphone or tablet is set to German (de-DE, de-CH, de-AT, de-LI), the program interface (controls) will be displayed in German, otherwise in English.